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Accueil du site > Calendrier > 2010 > International > Win&Win Cup 2010 : Saint Avertin (France)

Win&Win Cup 2010 : Saint Avertin (France)

23 et 24 juillet

Publié : Juin 2010


I’m Adrien OLIVIER, a French archer and the manager of the Win&Win Cup 2010 event, which take place in Saint Avertin (1 hour from Paris by train, close the city of Tours), the 23^th and 24^th july 2010.

To increase the level of this event we would be pleased to welcome international archers who are using Win&Win bows. The winner will be rewarded by 1900 €, the second will receive 1150€, 650€ will be given to the third and others rewards will be distributed until the 32^th rank. (15000€ of reward)

Moreover the association of archers of Saint Avertin makes the commitment to take archers at the hotel to go to the training ground and so he can be ready for the competition. You could at the same time discover our region (The Loire Valley and its castles, French gastronomy…).

Please find attached the program and registration form of the event. Thank you to for passing information to yours archers.

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Win&Win Cup 2010 program and registration